Monday, 15 October 2018

My holidays

In the holidays I went to Honolulu, in Hawaii I went snorkelling in the hot sun. The water was so clear that you could see the sand so clearly and the fish were so pretty I felt like touching them but they were to fast for me to touch I think you should go there but you would have to bring a lot of singlets.Image result for hawaii

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Anne kayes.

On Tuesday the 11th of September our class went to kauri team assembly and we met the writer of tui street tales.Anne kayes, she told us about all the fairy tales that she put in the book like,snow white and the seven dwarfs,beauty and the beast and other tales it was a fun.                                 

Monday, 10 September 2018

moari language week

Made with Storyboard That Today i did a story board that about moari language week.

Friday, 31 August 2018

M.A.D about endangered animals

This week i have been writing about endangered animals and about how there getting killed.

My Speech

Title: Online Gaming is a good thing!

Ok, i'm going to say something controversial for the Mum’s, Dad’s or teachers in the audience. But I think Online Gaming is a good thing! We should have more opportunities at school and home to play.

Ok, let me first talk to you about what online games are. Online games are when you play with your friends or with other people in a team but mostly at our age. There are a range of games out there such as Fortnite, Pubg, and way more around the world. And they’re not just for  consoles like ps4 and xbox, but on your computer is well. Image result for controller fortnite png xbox and ps4

My first reason is that online games are faster and have a better quality sound and graphics. I don’t know about you, I hate downloading games on the computer. It takes way to long too much downloading and you have to have a 2,000 mgb (megabytes) for starters and secondly, other gaming consoles can be way more faster than an old pc computer.

My second reason is that it teaches many students to develop strategy  skills and keep on trying. Students playing online games can achieve small goals and are motivated to keep trying to solve difficult problem.  It helps to focus the mind and to learn to multitask. So if you play minecraft you could build different structures and at the same time you need to check your animals and  your crops are thriving.

My third reason is that when you play with students around the world you learn about different cultures. You learn to take turns, cooperate and work together. Like In fortnite you have to work together to get to the top otherwise your out of the game.

However to use online games there are a few rules to go through. you shouldn’t pair up with someone you don’t know because  if they ask you where you live then if you do tell them well that's not good because they could figure out where you live. If they say what country do you live in then that's ok because that's only your country not  your address.

Online games can be safe as long as you know the rules. Don’t give out personal information, passwords or phone numbers. Online gaming is fun but as long as everybody is safe and sensible.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Fun times at Arataki

Fun times at Arataki

Out of the fog came the awe inspiring sight of Arataki, a native bush in the Waitakere Ranges. It was the 27th of June and we were on a school trip to Arataki with Rooms 7 and 6.

I got put in a group and we went hike around the loop track that went around in a loop. I had to wash my shoes to help stop this disease called kauri tree dieback. We climbed up a large gravel path to the lookout and saw the amazing view . I learnt that the native trees have lots of different names.

My group went on a search for bugs. The park ranger took us to this spot over at the ranger’s station and we used pooters to suck up the bugs. I know it sounds crazy to suck up bugs but luckily it had a blockage so you  wouldn't suck it up and it goes in your mouth. That would be disgusting! My group found a baby cockroach and ants. But sadly we didn’t see a big spider or a weta.

I would definitely go back there. I like how that there is a bush loop track and there is different paths to take but not just that one loop track. I personally think that you should you should go to Arataki with your family because it is fun.
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Friday, 29 June 2018

Arataki trip

 On Wednesday 27th of June we went to Arataki. We went searching for Invertebrates and other insects. We also learnt about how nature recycles. Did you know that it ids up to the bugs to eat the leaves and make new soil!

The beautiful bush!

Time for morning tea!

Washing our shoes to help stop Kauri Tree dieback!

Using the pooters to suck up insects.