Thursday, 13 December 2018

Thank you Owairaka school

Hi everyone, this is my last blog post for 2018. 

This year I  have enjoyed our team camp because of the fun activities  and the food that was there. the activities because it was about trying new things and getting your self was a great experience 

I would like to thank Miss Green, Fairy Judy, Foram and all the teachers at Owairaka District School for helping me with my learning.

Have a great holiday.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Place value riddles

today me and my friend Isaiah did place value riddles for maths.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Kauri team big splash

Today my class had the Kauri team big splash.Our class came 1st,2nd and 3rd i competed in noodle tow and the clothes race i lost but i didn't really mind it was just for fun.It would of been better if i was first because the t-shirt was nice and dry but i was all wet when i got it from the person. I thought i did  quite well because i did my best swimming style (freestyle) it was a hole bunch of fun i wish i could do it again.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Remembrance Day

  Last month we learnt about Remembrance Day. Here is my DLO.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


On Monday room 8,7 and 18 went to chosen valley Christian camp. we went there for 2 and a half days for dinner we had my favorite nachos. they were amazing but in the cabins they were not very good and the buddies made me not sleep. i personally  think you should go to a different camp site

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


On Monday my class had athletics. i did the 800 meter run twice and did the 100 meter sprint for the first 1 i came 14th and for the last 1 i came was a good day.

Monday, 15 October 2018

My holidays

In the holidays I went to Honolulu, in Hawaii I went snorkelling in the hot sun. The water was so clear that you could see the sand so clearly and the fish were so pretty I felt like touching them but they were to fast for me to touch I think you should go there but you would have to bring a lot of singlets.Image result for hawaii